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Thanksgiving “Acorn” Donuts

These acorn donut holes are the perfect treat or gift to say ‘thanks’ this Thanksgiving!  A super easy and fun treat to make and share this holiday season.   Ingredients: 1 tbsp. coconut oil 1 cup melted chocolate Assorted Sprinkles (festive) Chopped Peanuts 1 dozen glazed donut holes Mini pretzel rods   Directions: In the…

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Seasonal & Festive Treats!

Caramel Apple Mini-Pops Apples are in season! Caramel Apple-Mini Pops are the perfect seasonal treat to make if you are looking for an easier, less messy alternative to the traditional caramel apple. It also makes a wonderful after school snack or after dinner dessert! Just slice some apples, place a lollipop stick into each piece,…

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Fitness for Every Age … and Stage

Like most people, you have probably heard that muscle strength, absent some weightlifting, starts to decline in middle age. And you probably expect things like your balance, coordination and flexibility to naturally take a bit of a downturn …. someday. But new research from Duke University shows that these fitness-related changes begin much earlier than…

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